Residential Services

Improve your indoor environment with Power Vac professional duct cleaning.

Cleaner air is more important than ever these days, indoors as well as out. Power Vac has decades of experience in improving indoor environments in the Okanagan. We specialize in cleaning dust from your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system so you and your family enjoy cleaner air in your home.

Breathe Easier

Power Vac cleans out house dust that can cause allergic reactions so you can breathe easier.

Less dust, less cleaning

Clean ducts mean clean registers, clean drapes, clean walls, clean rugs, clean air, and clean breathing.

Cut your heating costs

More air flows through clean ducts. More heat gets from your furnace to where you want it.

Reduce the risk of fire

Cleaning dust and lint from your ducts makes your home safer from overheating and the risk of fire.

Lower maintenance costs

Keeping your furnace in peak operating condition eliminates costly repairs and breakdowns.