Let Power Vac reduce the fire risk associated with dryer fires

Power Vac removes the lint buildup from dryer ducts using powerful air compressors and vacuum trucks. We leave the ducts, screens, and fans clean, and your dryers run the way they were meant to run.

Clean vents reduce fire hazards

At the very worst, lint buildup in a dryer, or in any exhaust system for that matter, is a serious fire hazard – one that can be easily eliminated. Regular cleaning of the ductwork and exhaust fans is a good way to help reduce this potential fire hazard.

Clean vents help prevent:

Excessive drying time: When your vents are clean, your dryers operate more efficiently, and clothes dry faster. You save wear and tear on your dryers.

Breakdowns: The cleaner the vents, the less strain there is on your dryers, so the motors and electrical circuits last longer. And you don’t have to spend as much on repairs or replacements.

High utility bills: When your dryers are running at peak efficiency, they cost you less to operate.

Fire: Overloaded vents and overworked dryers can be a dangerous combination. When the vents are clean, you eliminate the overloading and the overwork, and you lower the risks of fire.