Breathe Cleaner, Live Longer.  HVAC Cleaning is a must after the destructive wild fires!

air duct cleaning okanaganOne of the major concerns is the potential for toxins and other contaminants in the soot and ash that may be deposited in homes from nearby burned structures, and the health and safety of families occupying their homes.

Even if a house does not have air conditioning, most furnace systems – through which the conditioned air passes – can run continuously on the “fan only” setting. Thus, pulling in the smoke and toxins from the outside environment. Most retail air filters are not designed to handle filtration of smoke and toxins in the air.

Most window air conditioners and swamp coolers do not filter the air before it is discharged into the home. There may be some reduction of particulates when the air passes through the wet media on the swamp cooler, but it is much less than what will be captured by a filter on a furnace or centralized air condition system.

Ash and soot on the ground and vegetation in the vicinity will continue to generate smoke odors and airborne particles when disturbed by air movement, until the ash and soot is diluted and absorbed by the environment.

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